~ May 2014 ~

Once Upon a Spring

pre-made silk floral arrangementsAt Granny Taught Us How & Heidi’s Room, spring has certainly sprung indoors and it has triggered an explosion of colour! Tart tangerine and chartreuse, rich turquoise and sunshine yellow, regal purple and of course the grassiest greens – shake off these grey days with some striking pops of colour…you can’t help but smile at the sight!

There’s no better way to bring spring home than with our ever-popular selection of silk flora. This year’s stems are more realistic-looking than ever and offer many new flower varieties to choose from, including foxtails, dogwood branches, delphiniums, and an assortment of desert blooms, pods, spikes and grasses for texture. Don’t have the creativity to pull it all together? Well we do! We have several professionally designed, pre-made silk floral arrangements in attractive containers made by our talented staff, ready to display and beautify your home.

Smells Like New

Aqua CorallineCheck out our newest scents – and their mouthwatering descriptions – from The Thymes Collection:

  • Aqua CorallinePure water lily. Dewy white cyclamen. Crisp driftwood. Tart yuzu. Fresh bamboo leaves. Brilliant lemon pulp. Sheer musk. Intriguing Hinoki wood.
  • Jade MatchaFrothy Matcha tea. Seductive bergamot. Tangy lemongrass. Spicy cardamom.
  • Rosewood CitronEffervescent vetiver. Vibrant pamplemousse. Soulful rosewood. Sheer Damask roses.


Selective Selections


Heidi’s tastes are pretty discerning, but there are a few things with which she just couldn’t help herself on recent buying trips! So while we may have a lot of them, they’re all uniquely tasteful.

  • Take your pick of our new lanterns available in various sizes and many styles, ranging from modern contemporary to dockside casual to country garden, twig and wood. For mood lighting or as a decorative display case, indoor or outdoor, we’re sure to have a lantern to suit your purpose.
  • We’ve also received a wide variety of clever, stylish and functional clocks, in both wall and table designs. Just in time for wedding gift season!
  • Quilt sets: from ornate stitching to traditional patchwork, start a new family heirloom with a quilt set for the blanket box – another great wedding gift idea.


Speaking of weddings…

pre-made silk floral arrangementsCalling all brides-to-be, mothers-of, bridesmaids and wedding planners

Getting down to the crunch planning your upcoming nuptials? Get a fresh take at Granny Taught Us How & Heidi’s Room. We have the prefect accessories to go with all the dresses in your wedding party. Come see our selection of Mallorca Pearls – necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a variety of colours and settings, all made to the exacting quality standards set by the artisans of Majorca, Spain, but without the price tag of natural pearls. What could be better than the gift of iridescence for a glowing bride, a beaming mother or a special friend and bridesmaid? Browse our full collection of stunning jewellery and accessories, pick your favourites, then head over to Mrs. Mitchell’s for lunch to celebrate your finds.

Planning a wedding?

Learn more about country weddings at Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant.


~ March 2014 ~

Spring Renewal

Baby HatThat Mother Nature does have a mischievous streak!

She certainly keeps us guessing.

One thing you can be sure of this season, is that Granny Taught Us How and Heidi’s Room is also full of surprises for gifts and home decor, with more new items arriving every week!

Here are just a few examples:

Things that make you go “Aw!”

If you’re not quite ready to unswaddle the baby, but want something cute and fresh for the next visit to the Grands, check out our new line of cutie-pie baby clothes. For her, printed onesies with matching striped tights, gentle headbands and crochet hats. Absolutely adorable!

New Collections – Paddywax Candles and Diffusers

  • Library Next time you curl up in with a good book, surround yourself with the essence of an iconic author. The Library collection includes inspired scents named for some of history’s most celebrated writers, like Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and more.
  • Relish We relish in the memories of times past, and the Relish line is especially evocative of the bottles and jelly jars full of buttons and baubles you’d find in Granny’s sewing room.
  • Happy No need for deeper meaning here, these fun patterns, brilliant colours and pick-me-up fragrances make this line the perfect gift. Give a little Happy and make a friend smile!

Paddywax Candles and Diffusers

Beauty with Benefits – Israeli Jewellery

We’re excited to add new pieces to our line of exquisite jewellery from Israel, expertly hand-crafted using the finest quality materials. Among them, the intricate gold and sterling silver “Spin & Wish” Mediation Rings: based on the ancient Tibetan prayer wheels, these rings have one or more outer bands that physically spin around the actual ring. Also referred to as worry rings, or spinner rings, they are said to bring good luck and fortune, and a sense of serenity and peace, and rid the wearer of anxiety and worry.

You certainly won’t worry about looking good!

Mediation Rings

There’s much more in store at Granny’s. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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