Popular Brands

We have our finger on the pulse of popular brands and carry a steady selection of quality favourites. We know that you search far and wide for your preferred brand names; now you can get them closer to home. Here are some of the brands you’ll find here regularly in home décor, food, accessories, scents and body products, baby gifts and more.

  Beba Bean


Cozy, quirky and 100% cotton baby clothing made extra soft to the touch and the perfect weight for all seasons! Machine wash. Excellent gifts for baby.

From the Beba Bean website: “…the very best in baby products ensuring every gift you give is thoughtful, adorable and memorable – including the bestselling Pee Pee Teepee™, baby clothing, infant blankets and swaddlers, baby toys and baby shoes.”


logo_caldrea_bw Caldrea creates quality, earth-friendly products in exclusive signature fragrances for cleaning your entire home. They use the finest plant-derived ingredients and essential oils to provide natural freshness and cleaning potency. No harsh chemicals, no harsh fragrances; a simple, stylish and fresh approach to cleaning in a fragrance collection of your own choosing. Passionate about earth-friendly homekeeping, all products are biodegradable and are not tested on animals.

Gourmet du Village


Gourmet du Village offers the finest of award-winning gourmet tastes together with designer tableware and accessories to match, the perfect treat for your family table or to give as a gift.

Lampe Berger


Originally invented in 1898 to purify the air in hospitals, over a century of innovation has added a host of fragrances and beautiful designs to the Lampe Berger line of patented diffusion burners that eliminate household odours and perfume the home.


logo_Nambe_Logo_blkExceptional quality wood and brushed metal in a special alloy that is dishwasher and oven safe. Exquisite designs with fluid shapes and smooth finishes make anything from this line the ultimate wedding gift.




The tantalizing aromas and exquisite design of the Paddywax brand of candles, diffusers and soaps truly resonate with consumers who have a passion for fragrance and style.

The Thymes Collection

logo_ThymesDedicated to “enhancing the quality of your daily life through the transformative power of fragrance.” We always have a wide selection of products on hand from many of The Thymes Collection scents: hand lotion, liquid and bar soap, bath & shower gel, hand cream, room spray, eau de toilette, candles, cleaning products and more.

Tea Forté


Tea Forté aims to capture the “Art of Tea”, with the most innovative and delicious blends of tea with whole leaf teas, rough-cut herbs and flowers. Their pyramid infusers, signature leaf, and custom-designed accessories elevate a cup of tea into an extraordinary experience for all of your senses.

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